Helping Healthcare Facilities Heal

Providing quality healthcare staffing to meet your needs.


Your Schedule, Your Life

Empowering healthcare heroes to find their perfect work-life harmony.


Are you experiencing staff shortages?

Find the right professionals for optimal care.

Our platform, EZ Care Link is the link between facilities and healthcare professionals. A marketplace that solves temporary staffing shortages in real-time through our efficient technological-driven approach.

Solving Staff

Vetted & Skilled Professionals

Pre-screened, pre-selected, and pre-matched candidates that are ready to onboard

Ensured Staffing Continuity

Seamlessly matching dedicated healthcare heroes to your facility, ensuring uninterrupted coverage for sustained operational excellence. Ultimately, safeguarding your facility’s continuity of care.

Access Wider Talent Pool to Build Stronger Teams

Unlock the potential of a wider talent pool and elevate your team’s performance. Access a diverse range of skilled individuals to help you build a stronger team that are ready and equipped to tackle challenges.

Feeling drained, or stressed with unfulfilling workdays?

Improve your wellbeing and create your work-life balance at your fingertips.

Improve your work-life harmony and secure a well-paying job. Our app enables you to choose schedules that give you the flexibility to strike the perfect balance. We care for your well-being.

Freedom to Thrive

Prioritizing Wellness for Healthcare Heroes

Unlocking Autonomy

Our company empowers healthcare professionals to prioritize their family needs while delivering quality care, enhancing their lives and well-being.


Give yourself the option to balance your personal life with work that will lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling career.

Ability to work when most productive

Productivity can be increased by allowing people to work during their peak hours when they are most productive, whether during the day or at night. Our system empowers the workers to create their own schedules wherever and whenever they want.


EZ Care Link?

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Fast Turnaround

Our app, EZ Care Link, is the link between facilities and independent healthcare professionals. We solve temporary staffing shortages in real-time through our efficient technological-driven approach.

Live Schedules 24/7

Facilities can broadcast shifts and/or request healthcare professionals on our web-based platform at any time – day or night. Shifts are then viewed and accepted by our pool of pre-screened, pre-selected, and pre-matched healthcare professionals.

Flexibility – wherever & whenever

Our registered healthcare professionals can easily view any available shifts on our app. Professionals have the freedom to choose when and where they want to work.

Quick & Convenient

Facilities receive quick & convenient fulfillment to all their staffing needs, all while getting it for rates significantly lower than traditional staffing registries. The direct link to nurses through our app helps keep your overhead low and workers earning more.

Facility & Workers Referral Program

For every new healthcare facility you successfully bring on board, you’ll receive a commission of 20%.

For every qualified healthcare worker you refer to EZ Care Link, you’ll receive a payout based on their licensure: RN, LVN, CNA, or caregiver.

Their Experience With Us!

My experience with EZCareLink has been nothing but great. Very professional friendly staff & very organized. I get the chance to work the hours that best fit around my busy schedule, the entire team is great but Jacky has always gone above and beyond to assist me with everything. I love EZCareLink!

Destiny CalderonCaregiver

I been working as a LVN with EZCareLink for almost a year now. All staff members are friendly, respectful, and caring. Plenty of work if you are willing to work. EZCareLink is a 10. I really enjoy working with this company.

Ramona RiceLVN

My experience working with EZCareLink has been a wonderful by far! Their staffs are very knowledgeable, dedicated and most of all CARING. They are caring by way they treat their employees. They build good relationships with their clientele to establish the best possible home care agency in Southern California!

Rahjah SalazarCaregiver

EZCareLink is a good company to work for and the staff is always quick to respond to any concerns you have especially Jackie. I will definitely refer anyone to work for EZCareLink because of my personal experience so far!

Timothy Nwankwo

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