Our App Features


Automated clock-in and out keeps workers on track

Automated Payment & Billing

Makes it easier to view and receive payments on time


Part of the automation process consists of data security and integrity

Client Web Portal Access

Where clients are able to access, broadcast, and assign schedules

Mobile App Web Registration

Fastest and easiest way to register and work!

GPS Integration

Users are able to see the route, distance and time to each facility

Broadcasting Schedules

Makes it easier for schedules to be filled instantly

Assigning Schedule

Assigning schedules is the counter part of broadcasting schedules

Online Workers Registration

Provides an easy way for workers to register online

Calendar Monitoring

View your daily, weekly, monthly schedules all in one place

Data Protection & Integrity

Our highly secure platform requires unique and individual credentials

Interactive Dashboard Summary

Provides an overview and a summary of upcoming schedules

An exceptionally unique software with features tailored to your needs

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Our Unique Features


Efficiently, Seamlessly, Instantly


for Small Business Owners or New Entrepreneurs

There’s a major problem in nursing facilities, the shortage of nurses that create headaches, stress and conflict…

Then we rolled out our platform.

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